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Unlimited web search with family-safe firewall

Serbura.com is a web search engine based on a unique website ranking technology. We provide relevant search results in more than 100 million websites. Our results are based on Serbura.com's own ranking and crawling technology, enhanced with family-safe web firewall, which is used to block access to websites with harmfull content. You can find more information about our technology here. What can you find on this web?

Only safe results

You can leave you children alone with Serbura.com. We won't provide links to adult material or anything that should not be seen by children.

Website thumbnails

As an additional service, we provide screenshots for most of the web results we provide. It took us months to generate millions of web thumbnails.

Different results

Unlike many other search engines, we do not block websites in our search engine results. The only exception is family-safe filtering.

Find real business websites

We only search through the website content, which is mostly restricted to homepages. No social networks, no duplicate content because of spammed web directories - usually just one page per domain. We understand that not every company has its own websites and we are working on it, but take a look at some queries and you will see that searching for official website is really easy now.

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